Smithtown Teen Karate Classes

Beginner Teen Karate Classes Enrolling In April!

Good, Clean Fun for Teens!

All teenagers enjoy movement, motion and action, especially when it involves lightning fast Krav Maga Combat Self Defense drills in Smithtown. You won’t find any humdrum drills and tedious circuits in this class. No Sir!

At The Rosati System of Modern Martial Arts in Smithtown your teen will use pads, bags, and wave masters to learn punches, dynamic kicks and a combination of action packed combinations to learn Self Defense and achieve ultimate fitness.

They will learn to...

During classes in Smithtown your teen will learn to set realistic goals, and to work hard to achieve Academic and Martial Arts success. Plus, they are taught the Traditional Martial Arts philosophies of Honor, Integrity, Teamwork and Respect, which will help them to become more confident and less aggressive.

Discover how teens become high academic achievers and excellent athletes…

Teens do exciting, age appropriate Martial Arts drills that builds strength, coordination and endurance. They will sharpen their reflexes and thinking skills; and at the same time learn the Traditional Martial Arts Philosophies of  Respect, Honor, Integrity and Discipline. We stress the importance of getting along with other siblings and school mates!      This class accommodates boys and girls aged 12 to 16 at all training and at all fitness levels. And BEST of All since we are an Official Training Center for Self Defense WE do not use a Belt System. There is NO Pressure to test for, or to pay for, Multi-Colored Stripes & Belts! Plus we do not offer the "Black Belt Club" which is just another gimmick used to charge you more money. We have Students and We have Instructors! We learn and we have fun!Krav Maga

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Benefits of Smithtown teen karate

  • Defuse bullying and avoid confrontational situations
  • Get free from chokes and holds
  • Defend against kicks, punches, bats, knives and guns
  • And, for teens struggling with weight issues, we offer the ultimate fitness program

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