Smithtown Krav Maga Classes

Learn Self Defense and Get In Amazing Shape! September Specials! Krav Maga Classes!

students in krav maga self defense at Smithtown Krav Maga

Krav Maga There's one reason that it's the workout of choice for thousands of U.S. law enforcement agencies and foreign defense forces the world around...because, hands-down, it's the most intense self-defense and fighting system known to mankind!

So just imagine how powerful you can become when you master Krav Maga!

What You'll Learn at Smithtown krav maga self defense

  • Life-saving punches, grabs, holds, kicks and blows
  • An intense whole-body cardiovascular workout
  • Incredible strength and stamina like you've never felt before
  • Razor-sharp Concentration and Focus
  • Reality based self-defense techniques that we have used in life threatening situations in the military & law enforcement